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Respecting biodiversity
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Vineyard management can control production and optimise the effectiveness of agronomic work in order to guarantee healthy, high-quality grapes.
The philosophy that guides the process, from fermentation to maturation of our wines, can be summed up in words:


know grapes that arrive in the cellar, such as land which come from, what was the climate of the year, such as interventions in the vineyard and therefore the impacts on the overall quality of grapes.


point to a wine-making process that allows us to maintain and enhance the strengths of the grapes and vineyards from which they come, and during aging, bring to full fruition.


The company controls about 200 hectares of vineyards, making wine from the main native vines of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato. To better specify and enhance the different expressions, the most prestigious Crus storiciBarolo and Barbaresco wines, from our own vineyards, are vinified in purity, aged and bottled individually.