We are in Barolo, in the Langhe
and the King of Wines was born here.

Marchesi di Barolo
chapter III


We are in Barolo, in the Langhe area, Piedmont, one of the greatest winegrowing territories in the world. In 2014 these hills were declared a Unesco World Heritage Site, together with part of Roero and Monferrato.

Marchesi di Barolo
Our winery is right in the heart of the town of Barolo, a small town surrounded by higher hills that protect it from bad weather and excessive flow of air. This peculiarity, combined with a predominantly clay and limestone soil, creates the ideal conditions for the nebbiolo grape variety to fully express itself: here you will discover it has great power as well as refinement, harmony and elegance.
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Marchesi di Barolo
Our vineyards grow on the hills of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, relatively small areas which however are highly biodiverse. For this reason, the vintage is done separately in each vineyard and if necessary we harvest the grapes at different times, according to differences in elevation and/or exposition. In this way, we always ensure the health and perfect ripeness of the fruit.


Marchesi di Barolo
After that, we carry a separated winemaking process for some crus, which are then bottled with the specific geographic mention added to the main designation (Barolo Cannubi, Barbaresco Serragrilliā€¦). In the other cases, they are gradually blended to complete each other for our classic labels, such as Barolo del comune di Barolo, Barolo and Barbaresco Riserva, Barolo and Barbaresco Tradizione. Discover the vintages


Sarmassa is exposed to the south-east, on the side of a hill with a good slope.


Cannubi is the long, gradually rising hill in the centre of the Barolo area.

Coste di Rose

Coste di Rose is a prestigious hill, fully exposed to the east, in the municipality of Barolo.

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