"Bric Amel" wine and honey
Thursday, December 1, 2016

"Bric Amel" wine and honey

Bric Amel is a clear, fragrant, fruity honey with a delicate and persistent taste: so precious also for the very short flowering cd intense acacia flowers. It grows on steep hills, on "kettles", where the vines compete for space with the woods, in particular acacia: a spontaneous plant, with a disorderly growth, well rooted and, therefore, very suitable for holding steep soils, but with stems covered with thorns and with foliage so thick as to make it difficult, even for trifolau, to penetrate the woods. The bees don't have these difficulties: they reach from above the wide foliage rich in fragrant and sweet flowers and forage the precious nectar, which allows the honey to remain liquid in place, without crystallizing.

Many are the affinities that bind honey to wine.
The ancient Greeks called honey "food of the gods" and wine "nectar of the gods" ... Like wine, honey owes all its characteristics to nature: land, microclimate, plants, bees and healthy environment. "Bric Amel" is the sublimation of a goodness that originates from places where viticulture is practiced in a sustainable way with great respect for the environment and care to maintain its balance as much as possible.

"Bric Amel" honey

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