The Maison Mailly Grand Cru covers 70 hectares located exclusively in the village of Mailly Champagne, in the heart of the Montagne de Reims Natural Park.
Here, grapes have been cultivated for centuries, even before Reims Cathedral was built in the 13th century.
The wines of Mailly, much appreciated by the Church and the nobility, have helped to crown the most refined tables since the Middle Ages.

Mailly was classified Grand Cru in 1920, status currently enjoyed by only 17 of the 319 villages in Champagne.
The grapes produced here are rare and expensive, and usually reserved for the best cuvées. Mailly Grand Cru is the only Maison of Champagne whose range boasts this noble origin: all its wines come from Grand Cru vineyards.

The chalky subsoil of the Mailly area and the prevalence of north-facing slopes give a unique mineral freshness to Pinot Noir, which combines perfectly with its robustness, the hallmark of a Grand Cru at a high level. The Chardonnay blends perfectly, giving it a note of particular finesse.


When in 1929, after the devastation caused by the First World War, the economic crisis broke out, a group of intrepid winemakers founded the Mailly Champagne Producers' Association, joining forces under a motto that sums up everything they stood for: à la tête par la main (together we can make it happen).

Driven by the same audacity and determination, they decided to produce wines of great expression from the grapes of their village, giving life to the reality of Maison Mailly Grand Cru.


The vineyards are lovingly cared for by about 80 winegrowers, descendants of the handful of men who together founded this estate, and who today as then share the same passion: to demonstrate the magnificence of the Mailly Champagne terroir.
With this objective in mind, sustainable viticulture that respects the soil and the environment has always been practiced
Each plot is managed with the utmost care and with a common dedication to superior quality grapes.


Champagne is timeless, a timeless classic.
The range of classic cuvées expresses the style of our Maison, expertly declined in carefully selected Champagne blends.
The Mastro Cantiniere, year after year, applies his experience, using cutting-edge tools, to obtain the best of each vintage and create blends capable of combining wines from a single vineyard with the Reserve Wines of our rich and varied collection of still wines.
Les Classiques are the wines of authorship: the mirror of the Mailly tradition.


The Composition Parcellaire selection is an emblem of the Maison's deep and long-lasting bond with the vineyards of Mailly.
The grapes from selected lots in the 35 lieux-dits are harvested and fermented separately in order to preserve their respective (and very distinctive) aromatic characteristics.
The combination of wines from different lieux-dits, and not from a single site, allows us to create complex blends, with a distinctive style that is renewed year after year.

Blanc de Pinot Noir

Rosé de Mailly

Brut Reserves